Connan/Snat // :3


So very, very tired.

I'm exhausted and it's all very odd, I can't move and I attribute it to...staying up really rather late several days in a row, absolute highs followed by absolute lows and loneliness now that my favourite people in the world have returned home.

I've just sat here all morninggggg and it's horrid...

...except now I've watching The Bears Are Coming in high definition and it's just DROOL:. I love virgin media, and I love this band. Sam looks brilliantly arrogant on his throne. Countdown till slash? Lol, imminent. There's something very sad about the Time (Rumble Strips) video, and I'm not sure what it is. I think it's the fact that he never leaves his bed and all sometimes there's porn and takeaways and all he does is get changed and then get back into bed again. it's sad. But Death is in the form of a sax, so that's cool.

If you're wondering, I'm wasting time, waiting for all the photos to upload so I can pop 'em in here. They were mostly crap videos this weekend, like holiday snaps or something but it's something :)

Right, seriously, enough of this FUCKING EMO and let's have an EPIC RECAP OF MY WEEKEND WITH CHARLEH ROWAN AND ROSS. (pornontoast, sunjuju, the_sidewinder). OH AND MAYBE THE AUTOMATIC AND LOZ TOO :3.

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